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    EntityConverter issue?

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      I face a strange problem on my  project, and i need your help to solve it

      i guess it’s

      <f:converter converterId="org.jboss.seam.ui.EntityConverter" />

      entityConverter problem,


      Let me explain

      when i add the following lines to the xhtml page

      <s:decorate template="../layout/edit.xhtml">

      <ui:define name="label">

           <h:outputText value="Region" />


      <h:selectOneMenu value="#{gunescityHome.instance.cityParamId}">

           <s:selectItems value="#{paramcitys}"  var="itemcity" label="#{itemcity.dbparamName}" noSelectionLabel="Select City"/>

           <f:converter converterId="org.jboss.seam.ui.EntityConverter" />




      The page doesn’t work properly,

      i mean below button doesn’t update, the page refreshed and no db activity

      <h:commandButton id="updatecity"






      in component.xml

          <factory name="paramcitys" value="#{cityparmquery.resultList}" scope="CONVERSATION"/>  

      <fwk:entity-query name="cityparmquery" >

      <fwk:ejbql>select cityss from GunesFaxParams cityss</fwk:ejbql>



      If i remove h:selectOneMenu component or bind selectonemenu component any LONG type variable(means without Entityconverter),  page works properly.


      I dont understand anything, is this a bug? Or usage problem? Please help me,


      seam version 2.3.0 final

      rich faces 4

      app container weblogic 12c

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          enginm Newbie

          it's resolved,


          i added to web.xml







          now it's working,


          but i didn't understand what is this parameter