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    a4j:push with Atmosphere-Transport:long-polling

    nimo stephan Master

      I am using RF 4.2.3 FINAL and a4j:push.


      All works well, but I am wondering why RF (or the underlying Athmosphere) does not use X-Atmosphere-Transport: SSE.


      1. X-Atmosphere-Framework:0.8
      2. X-Atmosphere-tracking-id:d502a738-93f3-4c90-70be-3f5a0add9e18
      3. X-Atmosphere-Transport:long-polling


      I am using JBOSS 7.1.1 FINAL and Servlet 3.0.

      So ServerSentEvents (SSE) should be possible.

      Can I change it to SSE? And if so, how can I adjust it in Richfaces?