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    Creating custom JSF component based on javascript component

    Simon Saffer Newbie



      I'm trying to learn how to create a custom components and I'm creating a component from the ckeditor just like rich:editor.


      The problem I'm facing is that ckeditor.js tries to pull in some other files on it's own (js and css files) which are not found (error 404), I guess because it somehow doesn't fit in with how JSF handles its resources.

      I've tried to read up on JSF resource handling but I haven't found anything that let's me understand exactly what's going on in this case.


      I've read a bit about Richfaces CDK. Would such a problem be automatically solved by using the CDK?

      Even if it would solve this problem I would be very grateful if someone could help me understand what the problem is here and how to fix it.


      Thanks in advance