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    Hotrod client missing data.

    Michael Nielson Newbie

      I have a simple test I use to test my Infinispan cluster, initially I only used the test to populate the cluster with dummy data and to tweak performance. In the test I enter 100,000 keys, and read those 100,000 keys back. In pseudo-code:


      for i in 0->100000:

          put(i, data, ttl=28000sec)


      for in in 0->100000:

          assert get(i) != null


      I've run this test against quite a few different configurations.


      1. Infinispan running inside JBoss 7
      2. Infinispan running inside JBoss 7 with a Hotrod cache loader (1024 Infinispan cached entries).
      3. Infinispan standalone with the hotrod protocol (java client)
      4. Infinispan standalone with the hotrod protocol (python client)
      5. Infinispan standalone with the memcached protocol (python client)


      Item's 1, 2, and 3 are all the same Java code with a difference instance of BasicCache (RemoteCache, Cache, etc.)


      All three of the hotrod configurations (2,3,4) fail some of the get assertions, here are the results of one run:


      missing: 114

      missing: 170

      missing: 1097

      missing: 1226

      missing: 1473

      missing: 2234

      missing: 2318

      missing: 2682

      missing: 3093


      total missing: 20


      When the hotrod servers are clustered re-running the test will show a different set of missing entries (one run key 114 will be missing, the next run key 114 will be present etc.) when there is only one hotrod server the missing keys stay consistent (114 would stay missing)


      I've tested this with Infinispan 5.1.2, 5.1.5, and 5.2(Beta)


      Is this a known bug, configuration issue, etc.?