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    How to define initial modeshape repository structure

    Daniele Vaccaro Lena Newbie

      Good morning,


      i'm new to modeshape so, sorry in advance for the trivial question .


      I've been able to install and configure an empty repository with modeshape 3.0.1 maven etc. i also used a FileCacheStore as store and i specified my local "C:/appo/ccs_repository" folder as location of cache.


      the question now is: in general when we define a storage we have 2 kind of things


           - some api to access the contents

           - something else to define the initial structure, the skeleton


      look at the relational database: we have de DML to manipulate data, and the DDL to define the database structure. how can i do this with modeshape?


      shall i add some initial note programmatically at the startup of the engine? but in this way won't they be re - created every time (my application is, at the moment, a standard JSE application also if we are about to deploy it in a AS7 server in future)?


      what i would like to have after the engine is started is something similar to:


      - root


      -------- CCS (mi project main folder, or more generally node)



      ------------Communication (we store here communication to send to customers)



      ------------------------------- template --->> here i'd like to store some template for the communications as pdf