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    Could not parse knowledge - xxx cannot be resolved to a type

    tlucz Newbie


      I cannot use process variable at diverge gateway cause I get an error:


      Unable to generate action invoker. : org.drools.lang.descr.ProcessDescr@63f671e3

                defaultPackage/Process_defaultPackage_Visitor_Process_99786445cadc4ba58023973772d4d3adReturnValueEvaluator3Invoker.java (12:417) : VisitorCompanyTO cannot be resolved to a type

                defaultPackage/Process_defaultPackage_Visitor_Process_99786445cadc4ba58023973772d4d3adReturnValueEvaluator3Invoker.java (12:446) : VisitorCompanyTO cannot be resolved to a type

      Could not parse knowledge.



      Could someone give me an advice what I'm doing wrong at process definition?


      Constraint definition looks like below:


          <sequenceFlow id="_5-_4" sourceRef="_5" targetRef="_4" name="constraint" tns:priority="1" >

            <conditionExpression xsi:type="tFormalExpression" language="http://www.java.com/java" >return company==null;</conditionExpression>



      I also tried with casting: 


           return (com.tl.module_visitor.transferobject.VisitorCompanyTO)company==null;


      but still get the same error.


      I have import section:



           <tns:import name="com.tl.module_visitor.transferobject.VisitorCompanyTO" />



      item definition:

           <itemDefinition id="_companyItem" structureRef="VisitorCompanyTO" />


      process variable is defined:

          <!-- process variables -->

          <property id="company" itemSubjectRef="_companyItem"/>


      What can be reason for this problem? Thanks in advance, Tadeusz.