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    Authenticate credentials with LDAP for specific requests (after logging in)

    John G Newbie

      I have a web application that I deploy using JBoss 5.2. In order for a user to use the application, he/she must authenticate with an LDAP server (using simple authentication) with a username and password. This is all done through setting up the login-config.xml for JBoss and providing a <login-module> with our implementation.


      The problem comes in here: After having logged in, I have a scenario that requires the user to provide a username & password when a particular action is performed (which I will also authenticate with the LDAP server). I want to be able to reuse the same mechanism that I use for authenticating the user into the web application.


      My form to log in to the application posts to j_security_check so in accordance with this, I was trying to send a request to j_security_check but JBOSS returns a 404. From reading around a bit, I've gathered j_security_check cannot be accessed by any arbitrary request and must be in response to a challenged request to a secured resource.


      So then, how can I authenticate the second set of credentials the user has provided with the same LDAP server?