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    JBoss ESB Queue subscribing issue

    Thaya Raj Newbie



      We are using Jboss ESB for Message routing and File routing. JBoss ESB should subscribe the Queue from JBoss Messaging server(Jboss AS) and route the messages to file. Everything is working fine if JBoss Messaging Server starts before JBoss Esb. But if JBoss ESB started later than JBoss Messaging,it is not subscribing and Jboss ESB is not be able to receive any messages from JBoss Messaging Server.


      Documentation says that “sessionSleep” will help to solve this kind of issues But does not work.

                  <property name="org.jboss.soa.esb.jms.sessionSleep" value="30"/>


      If anybody has an idea, please share with us,


      Thanks in advance