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    Deselecting Radio button selection from one panel when another selection is made in another panel

    Ankit Mishra Newbie

      Hello folks,


      We have a requirement as below:


      There are multiple toggle Panels containing multiple selectOneRadio buttons. Now, the problem is when we select radio button in one panel and then select another radio button in another panel then the previous selection doesnot disappears.


      For example:



      * option 1

      * option 2




      * Option 3

      * Option 4


      Say, Option 1 is selected in Panel 1 now I want to select Option 3 in Panel 2 but also want that Option 1 gets deselected.


      On JSF front I have tried with h:selectoneradio iterating over select items and iterating over multiple panels currently I am unable to sort this out.


      I would really appreciate your help on this.



      Ankit Mishra