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    getting the session from the cluster as7.1.1

    peter craddock Novice

      I have setup a cluster of 2 nodes using standalone-ha-full.xml.


      If I use a browser to connect to node 1 I'm asked to login. If I use the same browser to log into node 2 I get the same page as in node 1. This shows me the session has been replicated to the second node and that faileover would work.


      My application manages a cache of an object that is added to the session and I have this working in the cluster also, the problem is that this object normaly hold a pointer to the session so that I can force users off the system. What I want to do is get the session from the cluster so I can tie these objects back together so this functionality can continue when in cluster mode.


      I guess the web cachecontainer can be used to get this but the repl, sso and dist chache entries appear to be empty.


      Can I get the session from the cache ?