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    Oracle schema for jbpm 5.4

    Sunil V Newbie

      Has there been any change in schema between jbpm 5.2 and jbm 5.4?


      Also, is it possible to get hold of Oracle Schema ( ddl) for jbpm 5.4?

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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          yes, it has slightly changed. In 5.4 installer script there are two new targets that allows you to generate DDL scripts from persistence.xml files:

          - jbpm.schemaexport

          - ht.schemaexport


          then in installer_home/db you'll fine several persistence files important for DDL generation are:

          - jbpm-persistence-JPA1.xml

          - jbpm-persistence-JPA2.xml

          - task-persistence-JPA1.xml

          - task-persistence-JPA2.xml


          what you need to do is to simply edit one that interesting for you and change hibernate dialect to the one that matches your data base and next run schema export ant targets and you'll get your DDL scripts in installer_home/db/export-jbpm and/or installer_home.db/export-ht


          by default it runs on JPA2 based persistence.xml files and uses hibernate 4 to generate ddl, it can be altered by specifying system properly when executing ant -Djpa.version=JPA1



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            Zahid Ahmed Prs Newbie



            I am currently in process of Upgrading from JBPM 5.2 to JBPM5.4. There are a few issues in migration. Can anyone help me in solutions to these problems

            1. Schema has changed and Migration scipt is required for Migration from Jbpm5.2 to Jbpm5.4

            2. KnowledgeBase and Ksession initialization fails. How to fix it ? What are the differences in initialization in Jbpm5.2 and Jbpm5.4