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    How to display process diagram showing only nodes used in a process instance?

    Thomas Setiabudi Expert



      We use JBPM5.4 and my process is started by JBPM-Console.


      We have a requirement to display process diagram for a running process instance and completed process instance.


      Currently I use the same method as JBPM-Console, which is to get the process image and get the activeNodeInfo.  The problem here is the process image is a static .png image.

      What we need  is to display process image and the nodes displayed are:

      1. Current active node

      2. Nodes that have been executed

      3. Next nodes that may or may not get executed after the current node.


      If the process instance have complete, we just need to display nodes that have been executed.


      Is there any way to display process image in this way?


      Any help is appreciated.



      Thomas Setiabudi