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    issue with JMSRouter and message-prop properties

    toby saville Novice

      The JMSRouter looks for config tree properties with a key starting with message-prop- which are trimed to exclude message-prop- part and then defined on the JMS message. Presumably this approach is designed to pass JMS_* properties to the JMS message that are otherwise excluded in the DefaultJMSPropertiesSetter. However, for the JBoss properties defined in the below article, these property values need to be set using setInt / setLong.




      So if i configure message-prop-JMS_JBOSS_SCHEDULED_DELIVERY on my JMSRouter, this ends up being set with setString and subsequently ignored by jboss-messaging.


      I had to add an implementation of DefaultJMSPropertiesSetter that sets the properties defined in WhatVendorSpecificPropertiesDoesJBossMQProvide using the correct setInt / setLong methods.