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    Using Arquillian to test Forge WebLogic plugins

    Luca Masini Newbie

      Hi guys, I need to unit test some feature that are custom for WebLogic in the forge core.


      Of course I want to use Arquillian, but I would like to know about the license.


      How do you manage to test WebLogic proprietary code ? There are license problems ?


      Thank you.    

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          Aslak Knutsen Master

          The Arquillian WebLogic Container only depend on JavaEE libs compile time, so we avoid the license issue there. But when it comes to running/testing, you'll need a license.


          So currently, the WebLogic container is only built(compiled/packaged) on our CI. Community members that hold a license run the test suite manually.


          I don't remember how the WebLogic developer license is, but the WebSphere Developer license states things like: can not be used for testing, only valid to the local developer computer, can not be placed as part of a build server, etc etc.


          Seemingly, you're not allowed to release code that requires container libraries compile time based on those licenses. Even if compiled from the local computer that has the license.

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            Luca Masini Newbie

            Thank you for your response.


            Regarding license issue, I opened a ticket to Oracle Support (I own a commercial license) and they told me that unless WebLogic is not used for a production site we can do what we want.


            But on the forge mailing list we decided to follow a common path and look at Arquillian.


            Now I think we need someone that Unit tests WebLogic code, isn't ?