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    How can i get users by group id in gatein?

    terry lin Newbie

      Hi all, i'm a newbie into Gatein. I'm trying to develop a portlet and get the logined user information , i find the way and my code as below



      public static User getLonginUser() throws Exception {

                          User portletUser = null;

                          PortalRequestContext portalRequestContext = Util.getPortalRequestContext();

                          String remoteUserName = portalRequestContext.getRemoteUser();

                          OrganizationService organizationService = (OrganizationService) PortalContainer.getInstance().getComponentInstanceOfType(OrganizationService.class);

                          if (remoteUserName != null) {

                                    portletUser = organizationService.getUserHandler().findUserByName(remoteUserName);



                return portletUser;




      now i want to get users in a  specific group, ex: /platform group,

      Is there any way that i can get user list?

      thank you.