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    what's the defination of inactivity (timeout from inactivity to removal SFSB by container)

    Bond Chan Novice

      Hi All,



      I'm wondring to know what event is call inactivity? out of a transaction or last invocation been made, in my following test, throw NoSuchObjectException. So the event of inactiveity should be last invocation been made ?

      can someone confirm this ?



      my test:



      FinancialInstrumentLoaderRemote -> it's a SFSB interface, this SFSB's container have been configed as follow:




















      From my test,




      void test(){



        FinancialInstrumentLoaderRemote loader = getLoader(fid.getType()); /// the SFSB, created from Home interface


      //sleep 2 minutes to make sure the max-bean-age time have been passed

          try {

              Thread.sleep(2 *60 * 1000);

          } catch (InterruptedException e) {




         FinancialInstrument result = loader.getFinancialInstrument(new HistoryKey(fid.getFinancialInstrumentId(), fid.getTimeStamp(), fid.getHistoryId()), fid.getName(), baseDateForEffectiveDate, baseDateForEffectiveDate, atTimeStamp);  //// throw NoSuchObjectException here, but my concern is the loader is still inside a transaction, why been deleted ?