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    SOAP Addres Rewrite for Endpoint loadbalancing


      So I have read how to dynamically re-write the web service soap address



      JBoss 7.0.2 soap rewrite issue


      Web services configuration 7.1.x


      soap:address rewrite in 7.1.1. Final



      and I can set through server properties (host and port), or <wsdl-host>jbossws.undefined.host</wsdl-host>


      However my case is that I want the service to be exposed via the web server. So, one might say then IP and Port should be webserver ip:80


      but my case is a little more complicated

      a) I have 2 web servers utilizing mod_cluster to loadbalance and failover http requests to my 2 JBoss server

      b) Both my servers contain the web service


      The aim is to have requests to the webservice exposed via the webservers (ie. URL rewrite has to cater for this)  and the web servers be able to loadbalance the requests. I am unsure how both can be achieved because

      a) The web server loadbalances AJP requests to 8009

      b) The server rewrites the URL of my web service to 8080 and of course only one can be written there


      Maybe it is easy as the JBoss web will re-direct the requests from AJP 8009 to 8080 but wanted to be certain if it is just that simple