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    problem in the quickstart(pdf)

    wqhhust Newbie

      in the file of ejb-jar.xml,the home interface is already defined.why redefine it in the jboss.xml.Does that mean that in the ejb-jar.xml,it is local interface,but in the file of jboss.xml,it is remote interface?

      If only remote home interface is avaible,then how to config the ejb-ref in the ejb-jar.xml,only omitting the ejb-ref-name is OK?

      in the ejb-jar.xml
      An external EJB reference

      in the jboss.xml

      <jndi- name>jnp://banshee:1099/ENCTests/ejbs/RemoteENCBean</jndi-name>

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          Dain Sundstrom Master

          First of all you are in the wrong forum; use the EJB forum. The ejb-jar.xml file is required by the EJB specification. On the other hand, the jboss.xml file provides optimal configuration infromation that jboss need. The EJB 2.0 specification the ejb-ref is used for remote interfaces and the ejb-local-ref is used for local interfaces. I suggest you read a book on basic EJB coding.