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    Managing passwords with the vault

    bruce dyer Newbie

      I followed the setup steps provided by Anil.


      Using JBoss7.1.1.Final , urn:jboss:domain:1.2,  standalone mode.  Windows7 x64, jdk 1.7.


      I get a 'Failed to parse configuration' error when inserting the <vault>....</vault> node, into a valid standalone.xml. 

      WstxIOException: Invalid UTF-8 start byte 0xa0



              <vault-option name="KEYSTORE_URL" value="c:/jboss-7.1.1/standalone/configuration/vault.keystore"/>

             <vault-option name="KEYSTORE_PASSWORD" value="MASK-5WNXs8oEbrs"/>

             <vault-option name="KEYSTORE_ALIAS" value="vault"/>

             <vault-option name="SALT" value="124385678"/>

             <vault-option name="ITERATION_COUNT" value="50"/>

             <vault-option name="ENC_FILE_DIR" value="c:/jboss-7.1.1/standalone/vault/"/>



      Any suggestions?

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          mentallurg Newbie

          Hi bruce,


          I'd suppose it is caused by editor. What editor dou you use? Check what encoding you set for this file. Better: attach the file (remove sensitive info first).


          By the way:

          JBoss vault is not safe. It only gives you false feeling of safety. You disclose the password to access the vault via KEYSTORE_PASSWORD. Everyone can easily decrypt all the passwords you have encrypted. Be aware that you don't get more safety with JBoss vault.