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    SmooksAction - merging

    toby saville Novice



      I've recently modified the SmooksAction to initialise the BeanContext with the map located at messag.getBody().get(org.jboss.soa.esb.smooks.SmooksAction.EXECUTION_CONTEXT_ATTR_MAP_KEY)


      This was done so we could merge multiple XML files into a single output. The solution requires two actions to be defined. the first is a standard SmooksAction which populates the above location using the config property mappedContextObjects. The second is my customised SmooksAction which loads the EXECUTION_CONTEXT_ATTR_MAP_KEY Map into the bean context.


      Is there any reason not to do this? Perhaps this approach can be achieved another way that im not aware of?


      Is there any reason why this behaviour isnt present in the SmooksAction already?