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    Reverse-side of self-referenced entity not generated

    fans_rht Newbie

      Forge 1.1.2.Final


      To create a self-referenced entity below,


      [myprj] myprj $ entity --named Employee

      [myprj] Employee.java $ field manyToOne --named boss --fieldType com.me.model.Employee.java --inverseFieldName bees


      [myprj] Employee.java $ cat ../Employee.java





      public class Employee implements Serializable





         private @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO)

         @Column(name = "id", updatable = false, nullable = false)

         Long id = null;


         private @Column(name = "version")

         int version = 0;




         private Employee boss;







      The reverse side "bees" hasn't be generated at all.