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    CMP 2.0 and most effecient method of updating of Entity Bean

    Jeremy T Newbie

      JBoss 3.0.1

      We are using local interfaces and I was looking for the best way to update an entity bean. I know that each setXXX() method causes an update on the entity. However, I want to eliminate the traffic from JBoss to the database. I believe using a session bean and using a UserTransaction might be a solution, but I'm not for sure.

      I have seen examples (in EJB 1.1) which use a data object to encapsulate the data and pass it into the entity bean and then set the instance variables; however, CMP 2.0 uses the abstract model where the accessors/mutator are not implemented by the bean developer but by the container. Is this still a solution?

      Suggestions, please?