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    3.0.2 + MSSQL CMP seems a lot slower then 3.0

    Colin Yates Newbie

      I have an ear file which uses CMP + CMR.

      It works fine in vanilla 3.0 (with MSSQL datasources based upon 3.0 jca examples).

      However, using vanilla 3.0.2 (with new MSSQL datasources based upon 3.0.2 jca examples) CMP + CMR is a *lot* slower.

      Watching the log files shows the CMP handler executing the "select id from table where xyz=?1" and then hangs for upto a minute.

      Vanilla 3.0.1 is fine, but can't use it because of the jetty bug under load.

      Any ideas? Is there some new setting in 3.0.2 that I need to change.

      I can run 3.0 fine, then drop the jar into 3.0.1, fine, drop it into 3.0.2 and everything slows down, back into 3.0 and fine!

      Any ideas at all?