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    How to assign a user for a user task in jbpm5

    priyag gupta Newbie



      I have designed a process using jbpm. Process contains a user task. This process is running and i am able to initiate an instance of this process. But when the instance reaches user task step I am not able to find out as who has been assigned this process instance or how can I fix a particular user for a task. Also how can I create more users in guvnor?

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          Jiri Svitak Novice



          when designing a process you have to specify actor(s) or group(s) of the particular human task. User who is actor or member of the group is able to view or complete these tasks for example in jbpm console or in other task client.


          Users for Guvnor are created in jbpm-installer/auth, if you use jbpm installer. But you have to add these users to human task service too in jbpm-installer/task-service/resources/org/jbpm.