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    Tomcat complaining about jboss-javaee.jar @ 5.0.0CR2

    Shreyas Shinde Newbie


      I have a simple servlet application that looks up EJBs deployed on JBoss 5.0.0 CR2.

      When this application (along with the JBoss dependent jar files) is deployed on Tomcat (on RHEL4 Linux), Tomcat complains about the Servlet.class in jboss-javaee.jar.

      INFO: validateJarFile(/grid7a/apache-tomcat-6.0.18/webapps/WebServiceHandler/WEB-INF/lib/jboss-javaee.jar) - jar not loaded. See Servlet Spec 2.3, section 9.7.2. Offending class: javax/servlet/Servlet.class

      I found that somebody had bumped into this issue a little while ago but I could not get any leads.


      Am I missing anything? Is there a way to split the servlet impl and Java EE impl into different JARs?



      JBoss 5.0.0CR2, RHEL4, Tomcat 6.0.18 & Tomcat 5.5.17