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    OOM even when using paging

    Marcelo Takeshi Newbie

      Hello everybody i just have a quick question:

      We have a hornetq server running here (not clustered) and we deliver something around 250 messages per second.

      Over the weekend, the consumers had stopped (for some external reason) on our test server and sunday, hornetQ stopped with an OOM: Heap Space even though we use PAGE as our address full policy. Now, the application (witch embedds hornetq) will not even start (throwing OOM) unless i clean the paging directories. At the moment, the heap is dominated (80%) by instances of PageSubscriptionImpl and JournalImpl


      The settings looks as follows:

      -max size bytes is 20k

      -page size bytes is 10k

      -ack batch size is 1k

      -4 queues and 1 topic (which doesnt have any durable subscriber)


      Im sure i'm doing something wrong so can anybody help me out?

      Thanks in advance



      I forgot to mention that im using hornetq 2.2.21.Final. The application is running with 1gb of maximum heap and nothing else is using significant amounts of memory.