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    Mod_cluster not forwarding to failover server

    Michael G Novice



      Couldn't find this but i'm guessing it is something simple.  I'm new to clustering and so far i have been able get two standalone servers clustered using the standalone-full-ha profile and mod_cluster seeing them.  The issue is initially mod_cluster would send requests to one server and everything seems fine (except for qtip jquery issue but that is another story) but if i stopped that server, mod_cluster didn't send request to my other server.  I would just get the service unavailable page but when i try out the cluster-demo app it works fine.  So i'm thinking it is something in my application.


      I have the distributable set in the web.xml, i have EJBs with the web app but i didn't set them to be clustered since i didn't want them to be for now.

      Running on AS7.1.Final and mod_cluster 1.1.3. 


      Anyone with suggestions as to what i need to change/add in my application or configuration to get this to work.