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    run cmp2.0 example fail

    cnwy Newbie

      I have passed "ant setup","ant tear down".

      but raise exception when try "ant test"

      [junit] 2) testSelectOperatingZipCodes_declaredsqlorg.jboss.docs.cmp2.crimeportal.CrimePortalTest)
      [junit] javax.ejb.FinderException: Find failed: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00904: invalid column name

      BTW.I have changed some setting for the example.
      DataSource :oracle9i
      change DESC to DESCRIPTION(jbosscmp-jdbc.xml)

      the section for ejbSelectOperatingZipCodes_declaredsql:



      <![CDATA[ , organization o, gangster g ]]>
      LCASE(o.name) = {0} AND o.name = g.organization AND
      g.hangout = hangout.id
      <![CDATA[ hangout.zip ]]>

      what's wrong?