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    Does port-offset apply to the multicast-port element in a socket-binding?

    Phillip Rhodes Newbie

      When I am running separate clusters on the same physical machine, can I trust simply using port-offset to make sure that I don't wind up

      with multiple instances bound using the same multicast port for things like jgroups-udp and jgroups-mping.  For example, if I have:


      <socket-binding name="jgroups-mping" port="0" multicast-address="${jboss.default.multicast.address:}" multicast-port="45700"/>

      <socket-binding name="jgroups-udp" port="55200" multicast-address="${jboss.default.multicast.address:}" multicast-port="45688"/>


      on each instance, and different port-offset's specified, will the 45700 and 45688 also be incremented?   Or do we know that multicast-port attribute is explicitly *not* covered by the port-offset mechanism?


      What I'm trying to determine, is if I should specify separate multicast ports explicitly to avoid issues related to this






      Thanks in advance for your advice!