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    Problem with migrating an old ear from JBoss 3.2 to JBoss 7.1.1

    bpflugfelder Newbie

      Hi all,


      The last couple of hours I was trying to migrate an old EAR Web application to the latest JBoss AS 7.1.1 and I currently stuck on an error that frustrates me :-) The EAR consists of several ejb-jars and three wars, EJB2.0 is used for EJB binding ... old school as the application is already several years old and was not touched until now.


      Basically, I followed the instruction of the migration guide at https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/AS71/How+do+I+migrate+my+application+from+AS5+or+AS6+to+AS7 with following steps done:

      1) I checked the dependencies for class loading and modified the manifests of the modules by defining the Class-Path property

      2) I did not define a jboss-deployment-structure.xml

      3) I left the application.xml untouched (see attached application.xml)

      4) the data source was configured as follows :

           4a) I installed the postgresql JDBC 9.2 driver as a module

           4b) and modified the <JBOSS_HOME>/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml under the tag <datasources> (see attached standalone.xml)


      The problem now is that the deployment of the EAR stops because a ClassNotFoundException for the class "javax.sql.Datasource" is thrown in phase POST_MODULE of the sub deployment cms-ejb2.jar. This class is defined for accessing the data sources (see ejb-jar.xml). Please see the attached server.log for the detailed log output during the deployment incl. the error message and stack trace.


      I have already checked the dependencies multiple times as I know that this is a crucial issue when migration to JBoss 7.x. I explicitly added the Jar jdbc-se2.0.jar (containing javax.sql.Datasource) to the MANIFEST.MF of cms-ejb2.jar (see attachment MANIFEST.MF). However, I did not found a solution to that problem yet. Can it be that this error is due some problem with changes from EJB 2.0 to EJB 3.1 or the configuration in the ejb-jar.xml I use for the sub deployment cms-ejb2.jar?


      I REALLY appreciate any help on this issue!


      Best regards,