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    BMP & CMP ejbRemove question

    Camus Newbie


      I am using JBoss 3 with Oracle8i and have the following questions:

      I have written a BMP (using connection pool) which is being called by a client, it works fine but I found that:
      1. the no. of database connection is keep increasing but not been cleared for a long while (> 10 min). How to make the connection cleared ?
      2. the object reference ID is different each time (using System.out.println(this.toString()). Is the BMP pooled ? why that reference ID is always different ?
      3. How can the BMP be made to the pooled state ? According to EJB spec, a client could call remove() or passivate() to do that. I have tried but failed.
      4. Similar scenario for CMP.