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    jBPM and BPMN2 Modeler (Eclipse)

    Salman Hameed Newbie


      I'm very new to jBPM and I want to know if somebody have a nice tutorial link how to deploy and execute bpmn2 diagrams in jBPM designed on BPMN2 Modeler. I tried creating simple models in jBPM eclipse plugin and web designer and executed them but as BPMN2 Modeler has more constructs then how can we deploy and execute the diagram in jPBM created in BPMN2 modeler?




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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          easiest way you could do it (assuming you have jbpm demo installed - via installer) upload you bpmn2 file into gunor (using the guvnor eclipse plugin) and then build package in guvnor and your process should be ready for execution in jbpm console. Take a look at 10 minutes tutorials in jbpm documentation.



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            Salman Hameed Newbie

            Hi, Thank you for replying me. I should have tried this before posting


            I've another questions. As we have pools in BPMN2 modeler so is it possible to draw a diagram with multiple pools and execute it in jBPM? Does jBPM engine execute a diagram with multiple pools as it's not supported in Activiti. It's available in Bonita Open Solution.

            If it's not possible in jBPM then how do we pass messages among two pools (processes)?


            Thank you in anticipation.