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    Forge and seam 2.3

    Luca Becarelli Newbie

      Hello ,

      can i use forge with seam 2.3?


      Thanks, Luca

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          Lincoln Baxter III Master

          Hi Luca,


          Forge doesn't currently support Seam. But as I recall, Seam-Gen should? We could look into supporting Seam 2.3 in Forge, but it would basically take a contribution to do it. We're working on Java EE 6 and HTML5 with Rest at the moment.


          That being said, it would be possible to support Seam 2.3 in Forge, it just needs a volunteer to make it happen


          Sorry for the bad news, but if you are interested, I'd be glad to help as much as possible to get you on the right path!


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            Luca Becarelli Newbie

            Hi LincoIn,


            tks for your reply.


            We have some projects with seam2 that are running in jboss6.1 and i had utilize seamgen .


            I'm starting with a new project and i would utilize "forge" for develop jpa entity and create the UI.

            Being a new project would be great to use jee6 with CDI, and JSF2 richfaces4.

            when using Seam 2 there was a very nice mechanism within pages.xml that redirected a user directly to the login page in case he hasn´t been logged in yet.

            I could simply insert the following snippet into the pages.xml and everything worked fine:

            <page view-id="/protected/*" login-required="true"/>


            TicketMonster tutorial could be a good stating point but not there are any examples of autentication.


            Seam3 will be replaced with DeltaSpike.... help!! at this time there is much uncertainty.


            I await with great interest your suggestions about.


            Best regards