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    <a4j:repeat> issue

    ram ram Newbie



      my code looks like the sample below


      <rich:dataTable value="#{bean.mainLst}" var="parent" id="tbl">


      <a4j:repeat value="#{parent.childrenLst}" var="child">



                        <h:outputText value='#{child.name}' />







      <a4j:commandButton ajaxSingle="true" id="saveBtnId" action='#{bean.save}' reRender='tbl' onclick="showNotificationPanel();" oncomplete='hideNotificationPanel(false);' />





      When i click on save the following span is added <span id="org.ajax4jsf.oncomplete">hideNotificationPanel(false);</span>


      and i have hideNotificationPanel(false); displayed in my JSP file.


      when I removed <a4j:repeat> "hideNotificationPanel(false);"


      how can i hide the span?