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    creating queue with JMS

    Radim Kolář Newbie

      its very annoying to not be able to create queues in portable JMS way.




      its major problem if you are migrating application from other JMS broker. Why was such design decission made?

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          Justin Bertram Master

          From section 11.2.21 of the JMS 1.1 specification:


          Note the createTopic method of TopicSession and the createQueue method of QueueSession are used for converting a JMS provider specific name into a Topic or Queue object that represents an existing topic or queue by that name. These methods are not for creating the physical topic or queue. The physical creation of topics and queues are administrative tasks and are not done by JMS. The one exception is the creation of temporary topics and queues which is done using the createTemporaryTopic and createTemporaryQueue methods.


          Unfortunately, there is no explanation as to "why."