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    JBoss clustering (domain mode) in JBoss 7 versus clustering in JBoss 5

    Willem Noorduin Newbie

      We have the following architecture: 


      1. application1, which is clustered over two different servers and reacheable as (say): http://www.application1.nl/cluster1/application1
      2. application2, which is clustered over two different servers and reacheable as (say): http://www.application2.nl/cluster2/application2


      We have implemented this in JBoss 5 and the upshot is, that the




          ManagerBalancerName cluster1


          <Location /application1>

                ProxyPass balancer://cluster1/application1 stickysession=JSESSIONID|jsessionid nofailover=On

                ProxyPassReverse  balancer://cluster1/application1





      part of the apache vhost www.application1.nl (for example) is matching the $PROFILE_HOME/deploy/mod-cluster.sar/META-INF/mod-cluster-jboss-beans.xml part:




         <property name="balancer">cluster1</property>




      of the <bean name="HAModClusterService" class="org.jboss.modcluster.ha.HAModClusterService" mode="On Demand"> bean definition.


      The same mechanism should also work for JBoss 7 (or JBoss-EAP6), but I haven't found out which parameter to set (for example in the mod-cluster configuration of the slave) [this is a question]. If I just start the node, we see the cluster in the mod_cluster-manager appearing under the first defined virtual host, which I think is a default behaviour.