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    Trouble running ESB component via JBoss Developer Studio: "The selection did not contain any resources that can run on a server"

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      first, some background. I am trying to learn how to use JBoss ESB and I'm busy working through the book "JBoss ESB Beginner's Guide" by DiMaggio et. al.

      The book asks to download and install JBoss Developer Studio 4. The newest available version at the moment is JBDS 6, so I downloaded and the installed that.

      The book then explains how to add a new JBoss ESB runtime to Developer Studio. I could not perform this step, as it looks as though this is not possible in JBDS 6. I tried to download JBDS 4, but I'm always redirected to the JBDS 6 download, so I just continued.


      Now, I do have JBoss ESB 4.11 set up and running on JBoss AS 5.1 and JBoss AS is registered as a server in JBDS. I have a sample ESB component open (the project from chapter 3 of the book), and it builds without errors (after I've added the necessary JBoss AS Java EE jar's to the build path).

      The problem is that when I choose Run As -> Run on Server I get the error message "The selection did not contain any resources that can run on a server". Similarly, when I right-click on the server and select "Add and Remove...", I get "There are no resources that can be added or removed from the server".


      What should I try do get the ESB component deployed on JBoss ESB?