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    Making an apps log available to JMX-Console as notification

    Brajesh Singh Newbie



      I'm new to this technology and community, I've tried to read about this on the web, but couldn't find something that would work for me.

      I've an application which is using log4j logging which has a file appender. On deploying this into JBOSS, I wanted to be able to have JBOSS pick the logging information and be able to display them as Alerts or something.

      For JBOSS's own log4j setting, I uncommented the JMXNotification appender etc and also modified the service.xml to allow for alerttables but all I get there is JBOSS specific alerts. Nothing related to the application, it continues to log stuff to it's file though.


      Another thing that I wanted to be able to do was to be able to view the logs as notification in say jconsole but when I connect my jboss instance, I am able to access the MBEANS and the logging within it but the notification tab is disabled, it only allows me some operations like getting log level etc.


      My app EAR doesn't contain with it the app log4j and my JBOSS version is 5.1, JDK is 1.5


      Thanks in advance for your time and help.