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    JBoss 7 design question

    fzipper Newbie

      I'm building (actually rebuilding) an application that will run under JBoss 7 and would like to asl some questions around design.


      The primary feature of the application is not it's web interface but rather a set of service that receive/send data from/to remote device.  These devices connect to the app and send in small (<1K) data reports using a binary protocol (not http).   These reports are reformatted and then published to JMS topic and processed by another component in our system.  Data that is to be sent to these devices is delivered via MDBs.


      When the app starts, it needs to create UDP and TCP listeners that handle incoming data, along with other services that wait for outgoing data and then connect to the appropriate remove device.  In the past, under JBoss 4.2, I used classes annotated with "@Service", "@Mangement" and "@Depends" to declare the services that need to be deployed at container startup.  However, with JBoss 7, I'm wondering if this is still the accepted way of doing things or if there is different way that does not use the JBoss extensions but instead uses standard EJB3 annotations?


      Thanks in advanced,

      The Zipper.