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    Not getting the first ftl form of the jbpm process

    vikas k Newbie



      I am a newbie in the world of jbpm5.

      I have divided my understanding about jbpm process and issue in the following section.


      Process creation:

      I have created a process with two human task nodes with the help of jbpm 5 plugin in eclipse.

      Also I got three .ftl files created one for process and other two for human tasks nodes with help of 'generate forms' option in eclipse.



      I committed process files(bpmn file,ftl files and diagram of process) in guvnor repository and by building it from there deployed in the jbpm console.



      Now I am not getting the first form on the start of process from where I am taking inputs even though have ftl for that.


      Please do let me know if I need to specify the form conntivity some where in the bpmn file or in any properties.


      Also please correct my deployment process if any thing missing.



      My Jbpm version is 5.3


      Thanks in anticipation