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    Problems connecting to a standalone JMS Server

    Hauke Gulich Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      I started my own EmbeddedJMS standalone JMS Server and created a JMS Topic.

      My second application needs to connect to this server but this works only on the same machine and as long

      as I connect to "localhost". As soon as I change the IP address to the local IP address or even run the

      server on a different machine, I can't connect anymore.


      I guess the problem might be the binding. On jboss I know how to set up the binding, but how can I do

      that on a standalone server?


      Here is my code snippet




        // Server konfigurieren

                       Configuration configuration = new ConfigurationImpl();



                       configuration.getAcceptorConfigurations().add(new TransportConfiguration(NettyAcceptorFactory.class.getName()));


                       TransportConfiguration connectorConfig = new TransportConfiguration(NettyConnectorFactory.class.getName());        

                       configuration.getConnectorConfigurations().put("connector", connectorConfig);


                       // JMS Konfiguration

                       JMSConfiguration jmsConfig = new JMSConfigurationImpl();


                       // JMS Factory konfigurieren

                       ConnectionFactoryConfiguration cfConfig = new ConnectionFactoryConfigurationImpl("cf", false, new ArrayList<String>(){{add("connector");}}, "/cf");



                       // Queues und Topics anlegen

                       for (String queueName : queueList) {

                           logger.info("Neue Queue wird deployed ["+queueName+"]");

                           JMSQueueConfiguration queue = new JMSQueueConfigurationImpl(queueName, null, false, "/queue/"+queueName);




                       for (String topicName : topicList) {

                           logger.info("Neues Topic wird deployed ["+topicName+"]");

                           TopicConfiguration topicConfiguration = new TopicConfigurationImpl(topicName, "/topic/"+topicName);




                       // Starte JMS Server auf Basis des HornetQ Server mit den JMS Konfigurationen

                       jmsServer = new EmbeddedJMS();









      Sorry for the german comments.