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    Errai ui + Resource Bundle

    crinaldi Newbie

      Hello community!


      Some time ago I'm developing with GWT, and since leaving Errai'm looking pretty.

      I have a question regarding Erri UI and use of ResourceBundle.

      With UiBinder this is possible, since the resource can be "injected" into the template and then use the classes that define (by example CssResource)

      The question is, with Errai UI templates can do the same, maybe with a data-field?


      I have seen examples, and declare the css as in any HTML template, but they are not optimized






      - Cristian

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          crinaldi Newbie

          Searching on this topic, I found this conversation in Google Plus where Lincoln Baxter answer the following:


          "You can still use monocytes CssResource and etc. The only thing used out of the template is the selected dsta-field fragment. Everything else is purely for your own preview during development. Though we are planning on supporting automatic bundle generation and inclusion when templates reference resources.

          That being said, you could include as little as a single div or other element in the template if that is all you wanted, and didn't care about how it looks in preview without running a build."


          There is a degree of advance on generating Resource Bundle?