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    Deployed applications .jar path

    Lara LG Newbie



      I need to reference in my properties some of the jar inside my application lib folder, to do this I need to write the exact path where they are and I have a few doubts.

      Can I reach the .jars from a deployed application? If the answers is yes, I was wondering about the path. Would this be work?


      C:\blabla\jboss-as-7.1.1.Final\standalone\deployments\myapp\WEB-INF\lib\nice.jar ??


      Or is the deployed content stored in the tmb directory?


      Also if it were possible to reference a jar this way, would it make any different if the app was deployed using the web interface of droping it in the deployments folder?


      I know hardcoded paths are evil but I really need to do this for it to work soany, info, link of tutorial would be appreciated