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    recursiveTreeNodesAdaptor file structure outside of jboss deploy directory

    gebuh Newbie

      jboss 5.1 richfaces 3.3


      I have a file directory structure outside of the deploy directory.

      The file structure is listed in server/default/conf/bootstrap/profile.xml under application URIs:

      <property name="applicationURIs">
                  <list elementClass="java.net.URI">


      This is on a windows box, but eventually it's deployed to a linux machine the value there is <value>file:///home/jboss/user_files</value>

      the actual file structure is





                          /<more files and directories


      The directory is used to serve files from the server that are updated frequently without having people traipaising around the deploy directory.


      I'm trying to implement a gui tree using recursiveTreeNodesAdaptor from http://livedemo.exadel.com/richfaces-demo/richfaces/treeNodesAdaptor.jsf?c=recursiveTreeNodesAdaptor&tab=usage

      If I set the SRC_PATH to something inside the application war in the deploy directory:


      it works.

      But no permutation of the user_files directory name gets anything but null from externalContext.getResourcePaths(this.path)


      Is there a work around for this?  How do I let this know that the user_files directory is an actual resource path?