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    Assistance for invitation letter, JUDCon India

    margul Newbie

      Hi everybody,


      I am very glad to be invited as a speaker for the JUDCon at Bangalore.


      But I have some issues regarding getting a visa for India.

      The Indian consulate at Munich tells me that I need an invitation letter from the organizer of the conference to get a visa.

      Unfortunately, I neither got any response from the guys, who sent me the notification that my talk was accepted, nor I got a response from info@saltmarchi.com or info@saltmarch.com regarding an invitation letter.


      Maybe somebody from JBoss can help me or tell me, where I can get this letter from, particularly because every conference participant would need this.


      By the way, it's very inconvenient that there is no assistance regarding entry issues at http://www.jboss.org/events/JUDCon/2013/india (in view of that Indian entry regulations are even harder and worse documented than Chinese ones) or at least a real contact I could write to (so I had to choose this forum).


      Thank you and best reagrds