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    Setting prepared-statement-cache-size in jboss 7.02

    akhil achuthan Newbie

      I am using Jboss AS 7.0.2 with i-Batis 2.3.4x as the ORM framework with the default settings. I have defined my POJO classes such that there is a uni-directional mapping within the related objects. Strangely i get an exception that says "No transaction allowed after statement closed" very frequently when i try to fetch an object that in-turn fetch its child objects from database (via iBatis). Just as a trial and error approach, i tried changing the prepared-statement-cache-size value in standalone.xml from 32 to 80 and now things seems to work fine.


      Is this ok to have this value as 80? Actually what does this value of prepared-statement-cache-size do? At what point is this limit getting exhausted?


      Thanks in advance..