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    Error running examples.

    Steve Rainbird Newbie

           I get the following errors whilst running the examples.


      -bash-4.2$ ./run_all_samples.sh

      Running all samples

      Example: Running XATMI admin example

             [cc] /usr/bin/ld: warning: libexpat.so.1, needed by /usr/lib64/libaprutil-1.so.0, may conflict with libexpat.so.0




      Total time: 1 second

      Checking for host: ruby.mss or ip:

      2012-12-19 16:03:45,663 [0x7fbe57814780] ERROR (TxLogManager             :354 ) - Unknown error resolving Tx Service did you run ant jts in the JBoss distribution and edit the jbossts properties to bind the service in the CORBA naming service: TransactionManagerService.OTS

      2012-12-19 16:03:45,663 [0x7fbe57814780] ERROR (AtmiBrokerServer         :414 ) - fooapp transaction configuration error, aborting server startup

      2012-12-19 16:03:45,669 [0x7fbe57814780] FATAL (AtmiBrokerServer         :207 ) - serverinit failed



      Any ideas?