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    JBOSS 5.1.0.GA 404 Error

    David Horvath Newbie

      Hello JBOSS AS world,


      Before I get into the problems I have, I would like to note a few things. This is my first post, and I am relatively new to JBOSS. If there is any convention for the technical words you use, or in general how you format a question to the JBOSS AS community, please let me know (i.e. what is the relevant information you need to know to answer my question besides the error that I am getting).


      I am using JBOSS as my application server to run software on my computer. I am trying to integrate one type of software, with Matlab/Simulink. However, when I try to launch this software through Matlab, I am getting this error:


      Received an unexpected HTTP response from the server with status code 404


      I have talked to the customer support reps who make this software, and they were suggesting it was an issue with my application server. They use a different type of application server, so they are not experts with JBOSS so they said they couldn't really help me out. I have been told that it might be because I am running Windows 7, which has IPv6, and IPv4. This software only supports IPv4, and my network at my office is also set up to use IPv4. Nonetheless, it is still on my computer, and this may be giving me issues.


      When I ping localhost from my command prompt, I am getting (IPv4 localhost address)

      When I ping my hostname I am getting: fe80::15c:f1c6:1599:2b70%10 (IPv6 address)



      Basically, no one knows if this is an issue from my network, or my application server, or both. The people who I have spoken with are telling me that this 404 error is an application server issue. Is there anyone that can confirm or deny this? If you need any more information about what I am trying to run on my computer, I can provide a lot more details. I was unsure what level of details I needed to provide here.




      -David Horvath