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    How to test web project from eclipse to jboss as7 without mvn jboss-as:deploy

    techsjs2012 Newbie


      My firm is change the development environment, looking for some tricks and tips on how to work in the new environment.


      The current environment is Eclipse and Tomcat. We are developing web applications with Spring, Web Flow, and MySQL..


      The new environment is going to be Eclipse, Jboss AS7 and Maven.


      Question 1:

      Now for the questions as the current time we run tomcat on the local workstations and I can use eclipse to write my code and then just click on “Run On Server” and eclipse will build the war file and start tomcat.


      With the new environment it does not look like Eclipse can start and stop and depoy right to Jboss AS so we are running a command line: mvn jboss-as:deploy does anyone know a better way?


      Question 2:

      Debugging.. Does anyone know how to get debugging working with eclipse and jboss as7.


      I would like to hear from other programmers that moved to jboss from tomcat