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    Testing emailing

    Iván Pazmiño Novice



      I'm trying to test some mailing class but have a little trouble on figuring out how to configure standalone.xml with a maven task.


      To run the local tests I use a simple configuration where the artifact (org.jboss.as;jboss-as-dist;7.1.1.Final) is downloaded and unpacked by Maven, but this causes the environment to work with the default config and I would need to install an SMTP in my localhost, ask everybody in the team to do the same and then install it in the build server.


      How have you overcome this little problem?

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          Karel Piwko Master
          Hello Iván,
          did I got right that the problem is that you want to run tests using different standalone.xml, where a email agent is already configured?
          In that case, the easiest way I can think of is to use maven-resources-plugin to copy your standalone.xml and override vanilla one by mapping it to a maven phase that is triggered after AS7 is downloaded and unpacked.